Mylopotamos Rosé, is a dry, light colored wine, produced by the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Limnio that produce a wine with aromas of strawberry, rose petals and grapefruit, Full bodied with refreshing and long aftertaste.

Food pairing: seafood, pasta, white meat and salads.
Best served at 12 - 14ο C.



Mylopotamos White is an aromatic dry wine, produced by strictly selected grapes from vineyards of low acreage yield in a blend of Assyrtiko and Muscat of Alexandria grapes. Fine aromas of flowers and yellow fruits. Full bodied with well balanced acidity and sweetness. Pleasant and refreshing aftertaste.

Food pairing: salads, seafood, meats with white sauces, cheese and fruit.
Best served at 10 – 12 ℃.


Mylopotamos Red is a dry, shiny deep red wine, produced by the varieties Limnio, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, in the organic vineyard of Mylopotamos. It combines the traditional vinification with modern techniques. Rich aromas of cherries, sour cherries, raspberry and roses. Full bodied, with round tannins. Rich and long aftertaste.

Food pairing: grilled meats, game and poultry, traditional dishes and dry cheeses.
Best served at 15 - 17 ℃.


Mylopotamos Oenomeli is a single-varietal rose semi-sweet wine, produced by Muscat Hamburg grapes. It is an uncommon and innovative wine with explosive aromas of rose petals and tropical fruits.

Food pairing: fruits and nuts, desserts, salads and meats with sweet or soursweet sauces.
Best served at 12 - 14 ℃.


Mylopotamos Nama is an aromatic sweet red wine, produced by Muscat of Alexandria and Merlot grapes. Exceptional aromas of almond, fig, red and black dried fruits combined with a full body. Rich tannin structure with a pleasant and long  aftertaste.

Food pairing: fruits and nuts, desserts.
Best served at 12 - 14 ℃.